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Energy therapies are also called biofield therapies. They are based on the belief that there are energy fields that flow through and around your body. When energy is flowing freely through your body, you have good emotional, physical and spiritual health. When you are ill, the energy flow is blocked.
Talk to your healthcare team if you are thinking about starting energy therapy. Energy therapies are generally thought to be safe. Few side effects have been reported.
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сonsultant Y. Jouravleva

Member of International Academy of Fine-Field Ecology and Health 


Analysis & Consulting

Y. Jouravleva use the newest methods of the Bio-Resonance testing and Live Blood Cell Analysis for many years. She has studied in the Center of Intellectual Medical Systems - IMEDIS and she has a specialization in actual Methods of R-Voll Method .

Unique Combination of Bio-resonance prevention (anti-parasitic) treatments, Live Blood Cells and  Body Energy Balance Correction will help you with the following problems: lost hair, food sensitivity reactions, chronic fatigue, pH Imbalance, toxins your body, low energy, sluggish immune system, candida, bacteria or yeast related health issue and more.

Analysis & Consulting : Bio-Resonance test for the presence of parasites as well as bacteria, protozoa, viruses, fungal infections skin and more

symptoms and disorders:

rheumatism including joints and muscle pain
irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
disorders of the gastro-intestinal tract (perforation of the intestinal wall, constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating)
dysfunctions of the immune system
allergies, particularly food allergies
insomnia,sleep disturbances
cutaneous symptoms
bronchitis,bronchial asthma
chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)



Parasites may cause deficiency symptoms by absorbing elements of food and thus depriving their host

Parasites may take energy away from the organism

Parasites may mechanically destroy body cells and thus tissue and organs (e.g. hookworms do this by damaging the intestinal mucous)

Parasites may harbour viruses and bacteria. They act as a reservoir for other microbialy - conditioned infections

Parasites may cause inflammation and tumours

Parasites may cause tissue to form tumours

Parasites may poison the organism with their metabolites

Parasites may cause pain

Parasites may weaken or block the immune system

Parasites may cause allergic or pseudo allergic reactions


Analysis & Consulting : Live Blood Cell Analysis

Parasites/Bacteria/Fungal infestation/Yeast/Candida/Digestive insufficiency/Nutritional deficiencies: B vitamin deficiency, Iron deficiency/Dehydration/Liver or bowel toxicity/Immune system function/Allergic tendencies/Uric acid crystal accumulation and risk for gout/Kidney function/Poor circulation, oxygenation level and abnormal blood clotting


Analysis & Consulting : Stress test and body balance

The BioResonance analysis is a gentle computer controlled oscillation treatment without any side effects stimulating the self-healing powers and in most of the cases leading to a recovery.


Analysis & Consulting : Bio-energy healing



Energy Medicine


Positive Emotions




BioResonance program


Contact Information for Analysis & Consulting

Offers sessions by appointment only.
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647 869-2902


My website contains information on modern and effective alternative medical technologies of a human organism examination/analysis. Bio-resonance is a painless quick method offering the possibility of specifically preventing a lot of health problems successfully and without side effects.
Just like homeopathy and other methods of complementary therapy isn't a form of regulatory medicine. Within complementary medicine bio-resonance analysis is recognized as an effective tried and tested method. Within conventional medicine, however, bio-resonance has not been subject to scientific research and is, therefore, not yet approved.